Women’s Only Judo Session 12/07/15

The first of many national women’s only Judo sessions took place last weekend in UCC Judo in Cork and it was a huge success. We were very lucky to have experienced international Judoka Ellie Dennis down to coach the session.  We had women travelling from Dublin and Killarney to take part in this session.

Ellie Dennis’s passion for Judo was evident from the moment she stood on the mats. Her enthusiastic teaching style caught the attention of everyone immediately. From her experience in Judo, Ellie was able to demonstrate simple yet effective methods of throwing your opponent for a winning throw geared specifically towards female Judoka.

I have been training in Judo myself for the past two years and the reason I wanted to start up these sessions is to promote women’s judo.  The numbers of women in Judo throughout the country isn’t as high as it could be. I’m hoping that using these sessions we’ll be able to encourage more women into Judo.  These sessions will give women the opportunity to meet and fight other women their own size and weight.

Today Judo and martial arts are more popular than ever and is enjoyed by men and women of all age groups. The propulsion behind martial arts’ popularity is fueled by its broad benefits to participants. Self-defense, weight loss, stress reduction, fitness, and confidence are just a few of the results students can expect from learning Judo.

Judo is a fun, effective way for women to learn self-defense. Self-defense requires anyone who is threatened or under attack to quickly assess a situation that may change rapidly, and react in a way that will keep them safest. Learning Judo creates a sense of confidence and security in knowing that you can create some form of control in a situation where your personal safety could be at risk

Details of our next women’s only open mat will be put up on our website www.judo.ucc.ie and https://www.facebook.com/UCCJudo.

UCC Judo was reformed in 2012 and under the guidance of previous Club Captain Tim Kelly and Coach David Holmes it has since grown to a team of over twenty students. It’s never too late to start learning Judo, whether you are male or female. We are currently training this summer on Sundays 1pm – 3pm and Wednesdays 8.30pm – 10pm. If you are interested in joining UCC Judo please email judo@uccclubs.ie