Victory for UCC at Munster Open 2017!

Heading off to Munster Open last weekend, we had one objective in mind: for everyone to come home injury free and happy! Lucky for us, that objective was well and truly achieved.

Despite minor delays on the train, our 34 gymnasts made it to UL in time to compete on Saturday morning. The hours of training everyone had put in really paid off, as UCC immediately began to shine and show the world what we were made of! Novice ladies and men came first, with many stepping on the trampoline to compete for their very first time, but if they were nervous, they didn’t show it. Almost everyone landed 20 skills, which in itself is a huge achievement. The novice competition was followed by strong performances for UCC in Intermediate, Intervanced, and Advanced. Finally, it was time for the Elites to strut their stuff. We cheered on as Jack, Adam, Nicole and Becca competed for UCC, bringing home some incredibly impressive scores with even more impressive routines!

Exhausted after a long day, we had the competition dinner and medal ceremony to look forward to. UCC came home with plenty of silverware as name after name was called to the stage to receive the result of our hard work! Then it came to the results of the shield, to see who had won Munster Open Cup. To calculate the university scores, the top 6 form scores (execution scores) from each university are added up to give a college total. So who was it going to be – UL or UCC? Screams of delight went up from around the room when UCC was announced as the winners of the cup for 2017, with a huge total score of 315.75!

We’d like to give a huge shoutout and thank you to our gracious hosts UL, for running such a fantastic competition. We’ll be returning to UL next month for varsities and we can’t wait – if it’s anywhere near as good as MUNSTO it’ll be amazing!


Medal Breakdown:

Hugh Brien – Silver, Open Novice Men ; Silver, Closed Novice Men

Joe Phelan – Bronze, Open Novice Men ; Bronze, Closed Novice Men

Alissa Kautz – Bronze, Open Novice Ladies ; Bronze, Closed Novice Ladies

Shane Roberts – Gold, Open Intermediate Men ; Gold, Closed Intermediate Men

Shane O’Connell – Bronze, Open Intermediate Men ; Bronze, Closed Intermediate Men

Gráinne Ryan – Gold, Open Intermediate Ladies ; Gold, Closed Intermediate Ladies

Kevin Sheppard – Gold, Open Intervanced Men ; Gold, Closed Intervanced Men

Ciara Judge – Bronze, Open Intervanced Ladies ; Gold, Closed Intervanced Ladies

Seán Higgins – Bronze, Open Advanced Men ; Silver, Closed Advanced Men

Emma Ambrose – Gold, Open Advanced Ladies ; Gold, Closed Advanced Ladies

Aislinn Graham – Bronze, Closed Advanced Ladies

Jack Davis – Gold, Open Elite Men ; Gold, Closed Elite Men

Adam Doyle – Silver, Open Elite Men ; Silver, Closed Elite Men

Nicole Geaney – Gold, Open Elite Ladies

Rebecca Farrelly – Bronze, Open Elite Ladies ; Gold, Open Elite Ladies


Shield Scores: Jack Davis, Adam Doyle, Kevin Sheppard, Shane Roberts, Gráinne Ryan, Ciara Judge