UCCs Eric Curran wins Cork 10km Road Race

The annual Cork BHAA UCC 10k road race was held on the Lee Road/Straight Road circuit on Sunday the 29th of March 2015. this race was the Carmel Lynch memorial race.

1 Eric Curran M1 00:32:31 UCC Student 
2 Chris Harrington M2 00:32:38 Chris Harrington Construction 
3 John Meade M3 00:32:40 Joyce Wolfe Physio M-A-1 
30 Karina Teehan 0/35H F1 00:38:38 Joyce Wolfe Physio
99 Mary Dennehy 0/35H F2 00:42:42 Murphys Rock F-A-1
106 Cloada McMarrow 00:43:01 Temp Reg

The picture shows Eric Curran (no. 407) in action during the race.