UCCKC overwhelmed by impressive showing of Northeastern universities.

UCCKC fought hard to retain the All-Ireland karate intervarsity cup at DCU on the Easter Weekend, ultimately succumbing an impressive showing by UCD, UU, and DCU karate clubs.

Competition was fierce, with a number of styles represented. This allowed the referees to focus more on the foundations of all karate, highlighting Ireland’s university’s vibrant and diverse karate community.
Even against the outnumbering odds, UCCKC competitors fared quite well. A hard-practiced team kata by Monisha Chakravarty, Ekanki Chawla and Jennifer Halpin provided the highlight of UCC’s efforts, winning silver in a senior category of black belt team kata (in spite of Jennifer and Monisha being intermediates).

For most of the UCCKC competitors today, this was their first taste of competing in karate. As such, UCC’s participation this year focused hard on the community aspect of university karate, with fellow students noting a strength and weakness of each competitor when they’re put in the spotlight on the tatami. This community spirit will help to build a strong team next year to try wrest the cup back southwards to the rebel county.

Fairplay to UCD karate club this year, and congratulations to them on their win. For our club members it was a pleasure to compete against, laugh with, and learn from them over the day, along with all the other clubs represented.

A shout-out too to DCU, who ran a seriously smooth event this year at their St. Patricks campus, fair play to them. UCCKC arrived bleary-eyed off the crack-of-dawn (actually… well-before-the-crack-of-dawn) train from the Rebel county, and it was amazing to be met by DCU karate club members, patiently getting us set up smoothly, and with a smile to boot.

For UCCKC, we now face into our final two weeks of training for the semester, where we focus on supporting our club members as they face into the madness of the UCC exam cycle. As always, we welcome new members even if only for the last two weeks of the year, whether you’re a complete beginner or a grizzled veteran (like Rory :P)!
Training is Tuesdays and Thursdays fro 18:00-19:30 in Hall 1 of UCC’s Mardyke Arena.