Written by Meghan Choy


University College Cork Ultimate Frisbee recently marked their 20th anniversary with a celebratory dinner in the Metropole Hotel. Over seventy members, past and present, came together for a night of nostalgia and celebration, along with some representatives from UCC Sport and the Clubs Executive. The night was a chance for old friends and team mates to reconnect, for memories to be shared, and for the history of the club to be celebrated.


How UCC Ultimate came to be


Ultimate Frisbee first came to University College Cork in 1998, when a Welshman named David Rosenfeld moved to the college with a bag containing a few cones and some discs and began teaching eager students how to play. The original UCC team was named the “Cork Coyotes” and had a distinctly cosmopolitan and multinational mix comprised of players from Spain, France and the US. For some time, the name “Skulltimate” was used to incorporate the skull and crossbones logo of the college, although that has since been retired in favour of simply calling the club “UCC Ultimate”. The club has since swelled to include over eighty members, the majority of which come from all over Ireland.


Since its humble beginnings, UCC Ultimate has grown to be one of the main powerhouses of varsity level Irish Ultimate. They consistently do well at Intervarsity tournaments every year – most notably their women’s side, winning the Women’s Outdoor IVs title for the 6th year running last season. Last year the club were once again named “College Club of the Year” by the national governing body of the sport – the Irish Flying Disc Association (IFDA). In fact, it is often said that UCC is the most successful college club in the history of Irish Ultimate.


In just 20 short years, the club has come a long way. The dedication of members past and present has helped build a club that is equal parts hard work and fun, casual yet competitive, and above all accepting and encouraging. While both the club and the sport are relatively new, the rising profile of Ultimate Frisbee around the world means that UCC Ultimate is certainly one to watch in the years to come!


Want to see what it’s all about, then why not head to the Mardyke Arena this Saturday 10th November.  UCC Ultimate host the Women’s Indoor Intervarsities.  Fourteen teams from ten colleges and universities around Ireland will compete in this annual event.  Games will begin at 9am and continue through to the final just after 5pm.