UCC to host Intervarsity Cricket Championships!

Terrific news for UCC as the Irish Universities Cricket Association has formally accepted the bid to host the finals of the 2016 IUCA Outdoor Intervarsity Championships. Having been formally published a week before the IUCA AGM, the UCC proposal received the unanimous support of both the members and the committee. The news comes as a great boost for UCC Cricket Club as this will be the first time in over ten years that the tournament will be held in Cork.

iuca crest

Reacting to the announcement, Kevin O’Sullivan, ┬áPRO and head of the IV Hosting sub-committee praised the work put in by the members who put together the proposal and who have been so instrumental in the clubs recent success – “I think this is testament to the unbelievable effort put in by our committee in planning, formulating and organising this proposal. As with any club there’s always work which goes on behind the scenes to make events like these possible and which largely goes unnoticed. It is that work, the communication, the planning and the sheer time commitment involved which has made this possible. It’s a great day for the club”.

The semi-finals of the tournament will take place on Wednesday June 1st 2016 while the winner of the Trevor West Trophy will be decided the following day. Further details will be announced in due course.