Trampolining – UCC represented at SSTO 2015, Edinburgh.

It is a tradition to travel every year to Scotland for the second biggest trampolining competition on our calendars. Between the 5th and the 8th of February over 30 students associated with UCC joined another 400 competitiors in Edinburgh.

The level at the competition was very high, the UK clubs dominated the event. Nevertheless, we have to compliment Roy Brazzill who competed for UCC. Roy came 4th in Advanced out of 23 competitors. Cillian McMullen came 8th at the Elite level making him the best Irish competitior of the event, luckily for UCCTC he was was also affiliated with our club! On Sunday, the last day of the competition, Lisa Kelly and her partner ended up in the 2nd place in Lower Synchronised trampolining.

With ISTO on its way to Cork a lot of work must be done to bring the routines to the required standards. This year, the cheerleading is being reintroduced but UCCTC is looking forward to the tumbling in which we are quite good! 🙂

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