UCC Martial Arts

UCC Sport have an amazing and diverse group of well-developed and successful martial arts clubs, which have various origin backgrounds and methods of fighting. There are nine clubs in all; Aikido, Boxing, Capoeira, Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do.

These martial arts clubs give a UCC student the opportunity to learn numerous styles and techniques of fighting; including sparring, striking, grappling and groundwork. Many of these martial arts are descended from traditional Asian methods of fighting, but many of these methods have been changed and developed over the years to accommodate a more controlled competitive surrounding. In some of these clubs, a certain style of their martial art is shown, as many of these martial arts have numerous international governing bodies, therefore different sets of rules. For example, the UCC Jujutsu club traditionally train in the German-style of jujutsu, but they are after recently incorporating Brazilian-style jiu-jitsu into some of their weekly classes.

The UCC clubs are well established and tend to be very successful in their chosen fields, as well as being successfully active in the university lifestyle. Just this weekend past, a number of the UCC martial arts clubs took part in the Open Martial Arts University Intervarsities that took place in CIT. These clubs did really well, including Kung Fu who went away with 2nd and 3rd place in Male Novice patterns, as well as Tae Kwon Do who took away a total of 32 medals, with 14 gold, including first place in their team event! as well as all the clubs competing in competitions and intervarsities, the clubs also take part in events on campus; such as Kickboxing’s annual charity mock-fighting competition in March, all of the MA clubs getting involved in the “Fight for Your Mental Health” event that took place during Mental Wellbeing Week last semester as well as the successful Self-Defence class that happened last Wednesday, which was run by UCC Judo. As the events so far have been very successful, the clubs plan on doing another similar joint event during Raise and Give week, or later in the month of February as well as more self-defence classes being in the works. There are also a number of upcoming competitions in which our clubs will be taking part, including UCC Kickboxing who have their Intervarsities in March and UCC Judo who have their Intervarsities in Coleraine on 23rd February as well as the National Grading on 10th of March where a number of their members are hoping to fight to earn their next belt.