UCC Kickboxing goes Xtreme

Recently we were asked by the clubs exec to do a bit of ‘work’, in order to promote UCC. This involved taking part in a T.V. show called Xtreme Waterparks for The Travel Channel, in USA. Little did we know, Cork is home to one such park: West Cork Secret, in Kilbrittain.

As you can see on Joe.ie, the show has been a great advertisement for not only West Cork Secret, but for UCC as well, gathering over 25,000 views in its first 3 hours. We gave a number of interviews on the day discussing the park and our general impression of it, and to quote myself, “I’d happily do it all day”. We were delighted to have taken part and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and the enjoyment we got from such an unknown entity. It is my hope, that this exposure will help more people uncover the gem, that is West Cork Secret. We were sad to leave at the end of filming, but were delighted to have had such an experience ,and we offer our thanks to all those involved. The staff of the park were very welcoming and provided us with lunch from their own pizza oven, and as we all know, pizza is a staple of any budding martial artist.

What I will quickly say to summarise the park is: expect to get wet, dirty, and maybe get a few scratches….. totally worth it though.

The only regret I have about the day is that I didn’t wear suncream, and got absolutely scalded!!!

Make sure to have a look at the video below, as it does a far better job than I could in showing what the park is all about.