UCC Karate WKTO National Championships

UCC Karate club delivered a fantastic karate competition this weekend working with it’s national body WTKO Ireland, and made some very solid club gains in preparation for next years intervarsities. The WTKO Open National Championships was held in the Mardyke Arena last Saturday, featuring teams from across Ireland, and as far away as Scotland, with the whole club pulling together to host our guests, proudly fly the UCC flag, and support our team-mates as they battled it out on the Tatami.

Overall, UCC students succeeded in placing in each of their categories, with our club captain and vice captain (Monisha Chakravarty and Michal O’ Donovan) gaining a gold medal each. For many, it was their first time competing, with their team mates encouraging them, and giving them some post-match feedback to help them improve before the two intervarsities next year.

The clubs involvement in the event went well beyond members competing in it. Throughout the run-up and on the day, UCCKC members worked closely with the events team from the national body (WTKO Ireland) to plan, set up , and run what turned out to be great show of karate and excellent sportsmanship.

“For the club and committee, this has been an unreal experience” comments Monisha Chakravarty (UCCKC Club Captain), “with the whole committee working with the University and our national partners to deliver a really cool event on Saturday. We’d like to thank all our event partners for their help and support, the UCC Sports department, UCC Admissions and UCC Marketing, our national body WTKO Ireland, the Atrium Café, the Mardyke Arena, our club sponsors Bank of Ireland, and the event sponsors who have helped us in making the day achievable.  I’d also like to personally thank everyone who helped out on the day, club members, WTKO members and referees from far and wide. It’s a bit surreal to think all our work since spring came together so well. It’s kinda class!”

The hosting of this event has put UCC Karate Club in an excellent position to host and compete in the All Ireland Karate Intervarsities next year (March 2018), and to co-host and compete in the All-Ireland Open Martial Arts Intervarsity in January (2018). Not only did it really pull the 2017/2018 team together, but it represents a really good achievement for all our club members, giving everyone something to bring forward into next semester regardless of whether they do karate for competition, to relax, or just get some social time-out from the hectic world of academia.

The complete UCC results are as follows:

Ana De Lorenzo (UCCKC) Bronze medal Kumite(sparring), 16-20, 3rd Kyu & above
Caitríona McKeon (UCC KC) Bronze medal Kata (patterns), 21 years +
Caitríona McKeon (UCC KC) Bronze medal Kumite (sparring), 21 years +
Michael Husar (UCC KC) Silver medal Kumite (sparring), 16-20 years, Beginners – 4th Kyu
Michael O’ Donovan (UCC KC & Passage West KC) Gold medal Kata (patterns), 21 years +
Michael O’ Donovan (UCC KC & Passage West KC) Silver medal Kumite (sparring), 21 years +
Monisha Chakravarty (UCC KC) Bronze medal Kata (patterns), 21 years +
Monisha Chakravarty (UCC KC) Gold medal Kumite (sparring), 21 years +
Richard Carroll (UCC KC & Passage West KC) Silver medal Kumite 16-20 years old (3rd kyu and above)
Richard Carroll (UCC KC & Passage West KC) Bronze medal Kata 16-20 years old

For more information on UCC Karate Club, check out karate.ucc.ie, or check out our club facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter as we drive on into 2018 and our Spring challenges 🙂


Some of the UCCKC competitors and crew on Saturday. From L-R: Aoife Burke (UCCKC treasurer), Stephen Collins Sensei (UCCKC head instructor), Johanna Schmitt (UCCKC member), Michael Husar (UCCKC Beginners Rep.), Ana De Lorenzo (UCCKC member), Monisha Chakravarty (UCCKC Captain), Catríona McKeown (UCCKC Equipments), Michael O’ Donovan (UCCKC Vice Captain), Rory Scarrott (UCCKC PRO), Angelo Sanna Sensei (Chief Referee WTKO)