UCC Karate Club wins the 2018 All-Ireland Intervarsities

UCC Karate Club won the All-Ireland Intervarsity championships last Saturday, bringing the cup back to UCC again after a 28 year absence. Winning an impressive tally of 10 gold, 9 silver, and 7 bronze medals, UCC pulled ahead of DCU during the final kumite (sparring) finals to clinch a 42:30 point win, and bring the cup to St. Finbar’s teaching grounds.

As a captain and friend, I am so proud of the club for all the member’s hard work. After a year, it’s finally paid off and we aim to keep improving and hopefully keep the karate cup with us next year as well” said Monisha Chakravarty, UCCKC captain. Her words were echoed by UCCKC head coach, Steve Collins Sensei – “_______________”

The All-Ireland intervarsities 2018 featured competitors from across the island’s colleges and universities. Clubs from 9 third level institutions (CIT, DCU, MU, NUIG, TCD, UCC, UCD, UL, UU, WIT) fielded individual competitors and teams in a number of kata (patterns) and kumite (sparring) categories, the biggest of which were the beginner to junior categories as novice karateka (karate practitioner) often took their first dip into the world of competitive karate.

As a member of a karate club, I was delighted by the number of contestants that came from different universities with differing karate styles” remarked Monisha Chakravarty, UCCKC’s club captain. Meanwhile, UCC’s beginners coach was impressed at the level of karate on display – “Hat’s off to the competition, all the Universities brought their A-game to Cork, with some class kumite (sparring) and kata (patterns) on display throughout at all levels. It was unreal to sit back, and just soak in the quality karate folks were bringing to the tatami (mat).

UCCKC were also hosting the event, held in UCC’s Mardyke Arena.  Members rallied together with friends and volunteers from the WTKO Ireland and the local area to ensure a smooth and fair competition was run, which allowed students to really showcase the best of their karate. UCCKC would like to extend our profound gratitude and thanks to the WTKO, UCC Sport, the Mardyke Arena and the Atrium Café for being so accomodating, supporting and helpful in ensuring a world-class event was held at intervarsity level.

Next year’s All-Ireland karate intervarsities is to be hosted by Dublin City University karate club, with UCCKC already setting their sights on retaining the cup in Rebel County next year.