UCC Karate Club all set to host it’s biggest competition in over ten years.

UCC Karate Club is getting the last preparations in order to host its biggest event in over ten years this weekend, gearing up to host a national championships in partnership with WTKO Ireland.

The WTKO National Open Championships , which is open to all, will be hosted in UCC on November 25th. This exciting event is being organised with the national body (WTKO Ireland), with registrations pouring in from across the country and teams flying in from as far away as Scotland.

Capitalising on the clubs’ affiliation to the World Traditional Karate Organisation (WTKO) in 2014, and years of effort building and co-hosting events with local WTKO clubs, this championship represents a highlight in the karate clubs calendar this year. UCCKC are also delighted to report that Angelo Sanna Sensei, Chief Referee of the WTKO internationally, has agreed to not only come on board as chief referee for the day, but also run an open refereeing course (open to all) the night before in UCC. Angelo Sensei brings with him over 20 years experience in refereeing regional and international competitions, and it is a truely exciting opportunity for not only UCCKC members, but also any student who practices in karate in UCC, to learn from, and compete under for the day at a competition conforming to international standards.

As part of the hosting partnership with WTKO Ireland, UCCKC has managed to secure considerable opportunities for all UCC students, both club members and other UCC students. Hugely discounted participation, and event management experience opportunities feature strongly in the clubs offering to members and non-members alike, regardless of a student’s affiliation to a karate organisation. “In a nutshell, if you train in karate, and are a student of UCC, there’s a benefit secured for you” says Rory Scarrott, the UCC coordinator for this event, advising that “All UCC students who practice karate (whether with the UCC club, or not) check out the event website, and the opportunities they can avail of“.

The championships is only one of three championships UCCKC is involved with this year. In January 2018, the club is working with UCC Taekwondo Club, and UCC Kickboxing Club to host the 2018 Open Martial Arts Intervaristy. Then in March 2018, the club has the privilege of hosting the 2018 All-Ireland Intervarsity Karate Championships. No doubt the club members experience of hosting the WTKO National Championships will set them up well to deal with a year boasting such opportunities.

All in all, it’s going to be a fairly manic weekend for the club committee and its members, but definately a fantastic high note to sign off the Autumn semester.

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  • To register your interest in attending the championships either send us a quick email at karate@uccclubs.ie, or join the event Facebook page, where the latest updates are posted.