UCC Futsal with high ambitions for 19/20

UCC Futsal has gone from strength to strength over the past number of years.  A subset of the UCC Soccer club, UCC Futsal is an ambitious club.  For those that don’t know much about the sport, futsal is a small-sided indoor soccer game played between two soccer teams of five players each. Unlike the more normal yellow indoor ball that has a fur texture the Futsal football is a size 4 leather ball. It is weighted slightly to restrict the bounce of the ball. The matches are played on a hard court surface with boundary lines similar to outdoor soccer. Side or back boards are not used. Matches are divided into two halves of 20 minutes duration each. The emphases of the game is on skill and creativity within limited space.

The club formed not so long ago but ever since our club was formed, the progression of the club year on year has always improved. While the club maybe small due to futsal still only in its infancy in Ireland compared to other European countries, it is evident that futsal within UCC is now starting to find its place. This year, the club had the biggest number of students sign up for our club with over 200 students showing interest.  They also had our biggest ever interest in woman wanting to play futsal and are working very hard to enter their first ladies team into this year’s tournament. The club believes in diversity and believe by introducing women into our club this year is a huge step in terms of where our club is heading. There is definitely exciting things to come! Following the recent launch of UCC 20×20 campaign, UCC Futsal are keen to play their part.

The main aim of our club is to first and foremost have fun.  They accept everybody and anybody to come and play with them whether or not you have kicked a football or a futsal ball before. As well as having fun, the club also likes to be competitive. Last year the club, narrowly lost in the final and this year the club are working ever so hard to go one step further in bringing back not only a men’s National title but also a women’s National title too. Doing the double for both teams this year is one of their main ambitions and they are working ever so hard to make this happen!

The club has strong ambitions for the future, while winning is important, the other aim for this year is hopefully to host one of the biggest clubs events this year for charity. The club is working hard in making this happen for later in the second semester and hope to have the support from as many other UCC clubs as possible.

At the end of the year they want to be able to look back and be proud to see how far the club has come and grown. Not only do they want to have a successful year in winning, but more than anything they

want to be recognized as one of the most fastest growing clubs in UCC and also The Most Improved Club come the end of the year.