UCC Fencing going from strength to strength

Festival of Sport

UCC Fencing Club is one of the best Fencing clubs in the country, currently placed 7th in the competitive national circuit. The club provide a great environment for novices to discover the sport, priding themselves on the warm and welcoming environment they have in training and at social events. Their club members vary from novices to more experienced fencers, with some interested in the competitive circuit. Others prefer to come just for the exercise and social aspect. The club caters to people of all abilities and interests, providing UCC Astudents the opportunity to learn a new and exciting sport and make a lot of new friends along the way.


UCC Fencing club is one of the few clubs in Cork that gives people the opportunity to discover the wonderful sport that is fencing. One of the original Olympic sports, fencing is an exhilarating sport using bladed weapons. Modern Fencing is fast, athletic, and exciting.

The objective is to score as many points on your opponent as possible by touching them with the point of your blade. Score is kept using electronic scoring equipment with the help of a referee. There are 3 weapons used in the sport of Fencing: foil, epée, and sabre. Each has their own unique set of rules and style, ensuring that there is a type of fencing for everyone to enjoy.


Since they are a university club, they cater to UCC and Erasmus students and UCC staff members, providing a fun and safe atmosphere for people to participate. They take every opportunity to travel during the year to compete and represent UCC on a national and international level, with members of our club partaking in both the Student 4 Nations competition, which we hosted in 2019, and the Senior 5 Nations competition this year. We also pride ourselves on accommodating members of all levels and welcome members who don’t wish to compete as well.

Fencing is an incredibly rewarding sport and allows for the personal development that comes from an individual sport within a supporting team environment.

In the recent Mardyke 300 – Festival of Sport held in the Mardyke Sports Grounds, UCC Fencing demonstration was a major attraction.  The event which engaged with the wider UCC community as well as the local Cork community was an opportunity for UCC Fencing to showcase their sport.