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worlds day 3

U23 Open Team

Yesterday evening marked the end of the pool stages and saw the open team advance to Pool E alongside the U.S, Austria, Great Britain and Colombia.

The lads got off to a great start this morning with a 16-11 win over Colombia. These two sides were very evenly matched which made for an exciting and fast-paced game. After constantly trading for the first seven points, Ireland came back after the half time buzzer and showed exactly why they deserved to win the game. With patient offence and intense defence Ireland managed to go 11-7 up after just ten minutes! Colombia then stepped up their offensive game but were unable to bridge the gap that had been created. The game finished with an impressive scoreline of 16-11.

In their second game of the day Ireland went up against U.S.A in what would undoubtedly be their toughest game of the tournament. Despite the best efforts of the Irish the Americans went 7-0 up early on in the match as they displayed exactly why they were seeded first. Undaunted by this the lads kept their heads up and managed to score a few lovely points. However, they were unable to catch up with the Americans and the game finished 17-4 to the U.S.

Their next game is tomorrow morning at 11:30 against Great Britain. Best of luck to everyone!

worlds day 31

U23 Mixed Team

Unfortunately, the day didn’t start too well for this team as they went up against first seeds U.S.A. The American’s clinical offence and intense zone defence proved to be a little too much for the Irish team, and the game finished with a disappointing score of 17-0.

After this game, the team finished sixth in their pool and then found themselves moved to Pool S along with of South Africa, Chinese Taipei, The Philippines, Colombia and India.

Their second game of the day was against South Africa which, unfortunately, got off to a shaky start. The South Africans took an early lead of 5-0 as Ireland found themselves struggling to shut down their quick and accurate offensive plays. However, the Irish finally managed to find their feet following a lovely break throw from UCC’s Shane Walsh to Philippa Proctor for their first score of the match. The scores kept coming after this and Ireland managed to get within 7-4 of South Africa. Unfortunately, they were unable to keep up their intensity and the game finished with a final score of 8-17 to South Africa.

Tomorrow the team will face The Philippines at 9:30am and hopefully they will manage their first win of the tournament!

Emma Healy