UCC Demons Honoured by President

Last week, UCC President Dr. Michael Murphy met with players, staff and sponsors of UCC Demons after their record breaking season in Irish Basketball. They were the first club in the history of the game to go undefeated throughout the season winning the league and both cup competitions. Including 4 preseason games UCC Demons won all their 32 matches. To see how the collaboration with UCC has allowed Demons to develop into the undisputed kings of Mens Basketball in this country, click here. Dr Murphy was particularly interested with the link between UCC Demons and and the Chicago Demons. The original name of the club, Blue Demons, was the preferred choice as it was the nick-name of DePaul University of Chicago college basketball team, who were very generous in their support of the fledgling De Paul Boys Club in the North side of Cork City at the beginning of the 1960s. Dr. Murphy lived in the windy city for 10 years where he became a fan of American Sports in particular Basketball.

Our photo shows 3 of the players – Troy O’Mahony,┬áKyle Hosford and Adrian O’Sullivan with the president with the Premier League Trophy, Champions Trophy and the National Cup.