UCC Dance to feature?

Lords of Strut invite you to join them to kickstart Cork Midsummer Festival with a Flash-Mob-Style Street Party on June 12th at 1pm.


From humble beginnings to becoming Street Performance World Champions, this pair have always believed that community starts in Public places, and what better to achieve this by transforming our streets through unexpected events and shared experiences. Our city streets aren’t just for shopping, but a place to come together and celebrate our Arts and Culture.


Here is what we are going to create.


At 1pm on June 12th, people will gather outside the GPO, where the Lords will give a crash course in how to dance and together we’ll have a 10 minute dance party to officially launch the Midsummer Festival. This is about Cork coming together to celebrate our flagship Arts Festival. Get involved, bring your special sense of ‘Cork’ and let’s show the world our ‘Arts’ at this one off event.


How to get involved?


If you are a community group, a dance group, or just an individual, you can help make this happen. We are going to make this as easy as possible. The Lords will make some online videos with the basic dance moves that you can learn and join in with on the day. Or you can join the Lords on June 2nd and 9th between 6.30pm – 8pm at the Circus Factory, when they will show you how to have a Flash Street Party.

Maybe your dance/community group already and has a routine or idea you want to bring to the party, then all the better. The Lords will come and co-ordinate with you how best to let you shine.



To get involved and find out more information please email info@lordsofstrut.com