UCC Boxing

By Daniel Moloney

UCC Boxing is a club that does what is says on the tin. We have been UCC’s dedicated club for all things to do with the sweet science for decades. We train three days a week with solid numbers for the entirety of the college term. Boxing is a beautiful sport and at our club we do our best to introduce people to it, whether they have prior experience or not. At each of our sessions we perform a variety of technical training and drilling, such as shadowboxing, mittwork, hitting the heavy bag, and a number of reflex drills (both contact and non-contact), as well as a healthy diet of cardio circuit training.

Sparring is conducted often and under the watchful eye of our experienced coaches, although it is important to note that sparring is completely optional at our sessions, meaning that anyone can join us in training whether their goals are related to fitness, competition, or just pursuing a new hobby. We have a solid track record in competition, with many of our boxers travelling to the IATBA Inter-varsities every spring.

Last year we picked up 4 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal in the IATBAs, and also collected another 4 Gold Medals at the inaugural Birmingham University Box Cup. We will be looking to replicate, if not improve on, this result in the coming academic year. Not all of our boxers and members compete, and this is perfectly fine as well; competition exists as an option for those of our members who wish to put to the test the skills they have learned training with us. Boxing is a great sport and a helpful outlet for people of all kinds, providing all takers with excellent fitness, boosted self-confidence, and a sense of respect and camaraderie.

Our club welcomes new members of any gender, orientation, or background; boxing, martial arts, and sport as a whole is something for everyone, and our club looks forward to welcoming greater diversity from here on and into the future. We welcome new student members at any and all of our training sessions, no signup required, just show up! We can be contacted by email via boxing@uccclubs.ie, as well as on Facebook and on Instagram @uccboxing for any questions or comments regarding our club and our training.