UCC are Polocrosse Intervarsity Champions 2019

Last weekend two teams from UCC Equestrian took part in the annual Polocrosse Intervarsity Tournament hosted by Trinity College Dublin’s Dublin University Equestrian Club in Carrickmines Equestrian Centre, Dublin. This was the first time any college outside of Dublin has entered a team in recent years and UCC’s first ever entry into the competition.

Polocrosse is a combination of lacrosse and polo. The sport is played on horseback with the aim of scoring more goals than your opposition using your racket and ball.


The two teams ranged in experience from almost complete beginners to regular competitors in the Irish polocrosse calendar.

L-R Cormac Birrane, Lauren Murphy, Daniel O’Leary

L- R Martina Hanley, Kate Nyhan-McSweeney, Jessica Tallis

The competition was broken up into two divisions, the Cup and the Plate. Each team had three games consisting of two chukkas (halves). A team that won their first game progressed into the Cup, while any team which lost their first game competes to win the Plate. UCC1 consisting of Lauren Murphy, Daniel O’Leary and Cormac Birrane won their first bout against University College Dublin and progressed in the Cup to face a team from Trinity College Dublin.

UCC2 made up of Martina Hanley, Jessica Tallis and Kate Nyhan-McSweeney lost their first game to a Trinity and UCD mixed team and were placed into the Plate competition.

In the second round of games UCC1 and Trinity1 finished all level so golden goal was played to determine a winner between the two sides, first to score in a new chukka wins. UCC scored within seconds of the commencement of the new chukka, progressing into the final of the Cup.

UCC2 narrowly lost out to UCD3 meaning they were competing for 3rd or 4th place in the next round.


UCC2 edged out in their final game against UCD1 with some well-placed goals by Martina Hanley to take home 3rd in the Plate for UCC.

UCC1 took on Trinity2 in the final of the Cup to decide the winner. UCC finished the game with a two goal lead against the hosts, making their first challenge to the competition a success.
Polocrosse is a relatively new sport in Ireland, first played just over 25 years ago in County Wexford. The Irish Polocrosse team will be participating in the Adina Polocrosse World Cup in Warwick, Australia starting on April 22nd until 28th where they will take on the world’s best to compete for the title of world champions. For more info on polocrosse and to find a club near you, visit www.polocrosseireland.com.

L- R Martina Hanley, Daniel O’Leary, Kate Nyhan-McSweeney, Cormac Birrane, Jessica Tallis

UCC Equestrian Club teams + supporters
L-R: Ed Healy, Jessica Tallis, Cormac Birrane, Kate Nyhan McSweeney, Lauren Murphy, Martina Hanley, Daniel O’Leary, Tim Barnby