UCC Archery Returns for 2015/2016

If you were to ask me four weeks ago, ¬†how UCC Clubs day would fair; in terms of interest and sign-ups, my honest answer would be “moderate”. UCC offers a plethora of clubs and societies to join and try-out, with vaious degrees of involvement, physical exertion and sociability. So naturally I imagined with the numerous tables to visit and the Devere Hall teeming with first-years that attention would be fair game.

Interest, however, was not moderate. It was delightfully overwhelming. And sign-ups, were not moderate. They were in excess of 500 signatures! Maybe it was the hard-to-miss bows on display for first years to gauge and examine. Maybe it was the colorful set-up myself and other committee members established at our table. Our devilish charm? The large plate of brownies that magically disappeared in 10 minutes? Or maybe, as last Wednesday proved, we’ve encountered fine group of new and keen archers, itching to loose some arrows.

Last Wednesday the 23rd marked the beginning of this years weekly, on campus training, with a simple introductory session lasting 3 hours with a queue of newcomers stretching around the side of the Electrical Engineering Building, all to shoot a few arrows and get a taste for the sport. With a large handful re-queuing to shoot a few more arrows. Needless to say we busy pre-training, equipping and training the new shooters that we didn’t even get a chance to take a few decent photos of this fine turn-out.

We hope to rectify that mistake this coming Wednesday, and look forward to seeing more future archers in the making.20150310_184550