Training Camp Success for Rowing Club

It is well know in the rowing community that the hard training that wins you trophies happens in Winter.

With this in mind UCCRC grabbed our free time off college as an ideal opportunity to get some tough mileage .

A massive 34 club members set off in convoy on the 30th of December for a 5 day training camp in Galway alongside NUIG rowing club.

Tough session were put in by the Men’s 8’s including 20k battle paddles alongside the NUIG Men’s 8 and a 6k race the first and last days of the camp.The men’s squad were very grateful for the participation of the NUIG men’s squad who made the sessions competitive to say the least!

The women were not to by passed either with serious 20k rows put in as well as joining in on the 6k tests against NUIG women’s squad. There were also lucky enough to jump together for a women’s 8 for one of the sessions.

Not to be overlooked was the great effort and high spirits that came from our Novice crew, but men and women. Outside of getting great experience in, great bonding sessions were had by the crew, which were enjoyed by all!

Outside of getting the rowing done, it wasn’t all work and no play! Great fun was had by the whole club on New years eve in Galway to say the least ! with being put through a punishing erg session the next day. Cooking skills were also put to scrutiny and many a nickname christened!!

Overall the entire training camp was a great success with over 100k clocked up and great friendships made.

The club is at an all time high with the biggest Novice crew in years and great results being got by the Inter and Senior crew, and will hopefully continue for he rest of the season !!