Top 20 finish for Eamonn

I succeeded and finished the marathon in 4:13:45, placing 16th out of 148. We faced a snow storm in the first 5 miles. Temperatures dropped to -30 Celsius during this extremely challenging phase, as we were on the ice cap trying to stay upright.

I fell 4 times. The 4th time I went over on my left ankle! It was a war of attrition. The medical team were super professionals, constantly scanning our faces for frostbite and other conditions. My neck buff was over my mouth and nose, and it froze on my face. Luckily I escaped frostbite.

Times were not an issue in the battle with the snow, mountains, ice etc. I really dug deep throughout. I will face a half marathon now in the morning going through the miles and conditions to reach my final destination of the Polar Circle Polar Bear Challenge. I borrowed metal spikes or cleats from Gary, an English competitor a while ago. They attach underneath the runner. They will provide grip on the ice sheet which I lacked today.

There are lots of ‘broken up’ people after the extremes today. One American couldn’t feel his toes, & was placed in a warm van, while the Japanese competitor and pre race favourite finished in around 5 hours with frostbite. Many more had problems. It was tough out there.

I’m going to finish the job in the morning. I won’t get carried away with today. Yes, I succeeded but I want to make the start and finishing lines tomorrow also.


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