Throw Yourself into Something New

Hi everyone,

Firstly, thanks to our members for recruiting at Club’s Day last Tuesday. It was our most successful Club’s Day so far with 173 sign ups 🙂

Secondly but more importantly our first Judo Session of the year will be in Hall 1 of the Mardyke at 8.30pm. If you didn’t sign up on Club’s Day that’s no problem at all, come down and try it out with a friend.

Tonight, we’ll just go through the basics of Judo along with showing some Randori between our senior members just to give ye guys an understanding of what you will learn with our club 🙂

Lastly, please read our list below just in the interest of safety.

if you have a Gi, Judo or from any other martial art, you’re welcome to wear it. Otherwise a heavy, long-sleeved top (e.g. rugby jersey) and a pair of long tracksuit pants are recommended.

Please avoid:
-loose tops/string tops
-shirts with buttons or zippers
-shorts that end above the knee
-piercings (if you can’t remove them cover them with plaster or tape)
-bracelets, wristbands, etc.
Please make sure that your nails are trimmed!


2014:2015 Team