Irish Climbing Intervarsities 2018

  • 4th March, 2018

The weekend of the 23rd-25th was a memorable weekend for the UCC Mountaineering Club. For the first time, we hosted the Irish Climbing Inter-varsities. The turn out far exceeded our expectations, with a massive turnout of 180 climbers registering for the competition, which shows the overall interest

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Purple Mountain

  • 17th November, 2017

Another great day out with the UCC Mountaineering club as we took on Purple Mountain situated in the Gap of Dunloe in Killarney Co. Kerry. The hike began with a lovely walk up through the Black Valley where we took in the stunning views of the valley around us as well as seeing some Jaunting carts

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Coumloughra Horseshoe

  • 9th November, 2017

The Coumloughra Horseshoe is always one of the most anticipated hikes of first semester. The achievement of climbing the three highest peak in Ireland all in one day is something we are all proud to say we have now achieved. We began by climbing an almost vertical concrete path (slight exaggeration

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