New Judo Committee 2016/2017

  • 11th April, 2016

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our Annual AGM, there were some fantastic speeches by all and we wish our new Captain Luke Hickey all the best with his committee next year. As Captain, Luke aims to increase our retention of recruited members by using a mentor system where one of

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UCC Judo Wins Website of the Year 20115/2016

  • 18th March, 2016

UCC Judo are delighted to announce that we have won the award for "Best Website" from the UCC clubs executive this year :] This award is given to the club with the most upto date website each year and we were delighted to receive the award. Many thanks has to go to Tim Kelly for keeping the

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Southside and District Sports Awards 2016

  • 9th March, 2016

I am delighted to say that UCC Judo Club has been awarded the "Southside and District Sports Award" for February 2016. The award is sponsored by Cork International Airport Hotel, Red FM and Gerald McCarthy Awards & Gifts. UCC Judo Club won the award for our outstanding success at Intervarsities

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Judo Club run Self-Defence Seminar Collaboration

  • 1st March, 2016

Yesterday UCC Judo joined forces with UCC Feminist Society to bring UCC Students a three week self-defence seminar. Last night at 8.30pm 35 people came to learn some applicable self-defence skills. Our Coach David Holmes and I took the first session, going through various different scenarios

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Sweeping up at the 2016 Intervarsites

  • 24th February, 2016

  This weekend, 15 competitors from our club traveled up to Derry to compete in the Judo Intervarsities. Our mission was simple to win both the Men's and Women's team trophies after both our teams came Second last year. When we arrived, we discovered to our delight that we were the largest

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Judo Club gearing up for the Intervarsities

  • 8th February, 2016

Last Wednesday, we held a contest to decide which members of the club would compete on the Men's A-Team. The contest consisted of a round robin where all 6 participants had to fight the five others for a five minute match. The fights were spectacular and well done to everyone who took part, There

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Why I do Judo

  • 22nd December, 2015

Why do I do Judo? A question I ask myself many times and I never get a different answer than that this is the moment when I feel alive and that it has become my way of living. I did sports from a very young age and for so long that I don't even remember not doing it. I think of my oldest

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Ciara Gildea – Why I do Judo

  • 14th December, 2015

Hi there.  My name is Ciara Gildea and I am a second year Chemistry with Forensic Science student.  Like the three previous entries, I only began Judo in September of my first year.   I was not a sporty girl growing up.  I was the one they put in minor positions for P.E., you stand there and

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Congratulations Alex-All Ireland’s 2015

  • 8th December, 2015

On the 5th of December, Alex traveled to the All Ireland's in Newtownabbey  and took home two Gold medals in Men's Senior U73kg and Open. This was a fantastic achievement for Alex as he only returned to Judo 3 months ago. The Club would like to thank and congratulate Alex on his excellent

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Judo – North West Open Results

  • 30th November, 2015

Congratulations to Luke, Alex and our trainer David Holmes who won Gold in the team's event in Derry on Saturday. Also Alex won Gold in U73kg Senior Men and Silver in the Open, while Luke won Gold in Lower Kyu and David won Gold in the Masters. It was a fantastic result and we can't wait to see ye

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