Womens Rugby – Semi finals here we come!

On the 17th of February, the second match against our close neighbours, CIT was fixed for 7.30pm in the farm.The opening half was slow and the penalties conceded by both teams made the game difficult to watch. CIT were first to put their names on the score sheet with a penalty against UCC just outside the 10 metre line. They slotted it clean over. Laura sheehan scored the opening try of the game(Converted). Laura Delaney was up next to cross the try line seven minutes later (converted). Ciara O Dwyer made a massive 30 metre break with a quick ball but a forward pass halted progress from inside the 22. The ladies worked their way back in. A penalty to touch was fruitless from 5 metre line out, but unfortunately a crooked throw prevented the pack from driving forward.

The aggression and concentration increased in the second half. With fantastic back moves it was unfortunate Ciara Scanlan forced a knock on resulting in a CIT scrum. UCC swung things around and won possession, proving they were up for the battle. Laura Delaney scored her second try (Not converted). A late tackle from UCC gave CIT a good attacking platform inside UCC’s 22. After a period of sustained pressure UCC turned the ball over. After a CIT line out, 15 metres out, Dinah O’Mahony being lifted by Ciara O Dwyer and Kelly Brady battled in the air to gain possession. An unbelievable break was made from Laura Sheehan and a welcomed back Ellen Murphy over the halfway line, with simple passes back and forth they gained the bones of 20 metres but UCC knocked on again. Soon after, CIT kicked for touch, but it fell short. On the next phase Laura Sheehan scooped it up and made good break but UCC knocked on once again. Christy O’Toole came on for an injured Michaela O Reilly. Great pressure in defence by UCC turned over the ball on the 5 metre line, with a kick and chase by Delaney following on with a 45 metre break but the releasing pass to Aine Fitzgerald was knocked on, relieving kick brought CIT to the halfway line. A good maul off  a UCC line out and quick hands released Sheehan on the outside. She twinkle toed her way to the try line (Not converted). Karen, Yvonne & Aoife came on for  Orla Kelly and Cliona.  Turned over by UCC on the halfway and quick hands sent Ciara Scanlon away down right hand wing who offloaded to Aine fitz who beat 3 tacklers to cross the white wash. Grainne Finn came on for Sarah O Donovan, play continued for next few minutes. CIT continued to make a nuisance for the UCC girls. UCC turned over after great defence, with strong carries from the pack, Dinah O’ Mahony wrestled her way up the left wing, with what would have been a beautiful offload to Ciara O Dwyer, yet another knock on. In the last play of the game Laura Sheehan broke again on a meandering 40 metre run to beat 4 defenders to cross under the posts (Not converted). 

Forward of the match; Dinah O Mahony  Back of the match; Laura Sheehan

After this game we are second on the table, just behind UL. Semi finals here we come!!