UCC Rugby Scholarship Programme

UCC Rugby 2019/2020 Scholarship Programme

The application process for the 2019/20 programme is now open.

Please apply by completing the 2019/20 application form below.  The closing date for 2019/2020 scholarships is 28th June 2019, which should be emailed to sport@ucc.ie


UCC Rugby Scholarship Criteria

Criteria for Short-Listing

  1. International/Provincial representation at Pre-Entry Stage
  2. OR Senior Cup Team Starting Player in Provincial Cup Competition
  3. Succession Planning
  4. Addressing Depth of Key Specialized Positions
  5. (Post-Entry) Recognition of Outstanding Impact, Progression and Compliance in Fresher Year.


Criteria for Awarding of Scholarships

  1. Re-Awards : Demonstrated progression to UCC Senior team, Compliance with player development programmes, and impact on programme
  2. Re-Awards/New Awards: Current Students playing Senior level who have played Irish U-20 or Irish U19, Irish Universities, or Club International
  3. Re-Awards/New Awards: Top Level current starting Senior Players who may not have played representative
  4. New Awards: Admission to University College Cork
  5. New Awards: Top-Level of incoming fresher with representative honours (Irish Schools Starting Player)
  6. New Awards: Irish Schools fringe player /Munster Schools player
  7. New Awards: Irish Youth (Club)/ Munster Youth
  8. New Awards: Irish Ladies Full International


Interviews/Meetings: (post-application) Scholarship or player development programme candidates meet with UCC Rugby Development Officer.


References:  Follow-up by UCC Rugby Development Officer


Training Camp: To address Fitness Levels and Skills Proficiency


Note:     Consideration to Criteria for Awarding of Scholarships begins with UCC Senior team initially, and follows on through the prioritised criteria set forth above.