Sports Scholarships Criteria


A number of Sports Scholarships are available to incoming & existing students. One application will suffice for all Scholarships. Please tick relevant box(s) for the Sports Scholarship(s) you wish to apply for when completing the UCC Sports Scholarship Application Form2018/19 You may tick more than one box.

1. Aim and objective

The Sports Scholarships programme reflects the commitment on the part of UCC to excellence in Sport. The aim of the programme is to give talented sportspeople an opportunity to develop their sporting career by offering the highest standards in coaching and training whilst completing their chosen course of academic study.

2. Applications

Applications should be submitted on the prescribed form which shall be returned to the Department of Sport and Physical Activity (“DSPA”), Ferry Lodge, Mardyke Walk, Cork to arrive no later than Friday 30th June 2017.

3. General Criteria

  • 3.1 All applicants must satisfy the normal entry requirement of the University and have been offered a place on a degree or postgraduate course at the university. Applicants should apply for such course through the CAO in the normal way. Existing students are also eligible to apply.
  • 3.2 Applicants must be pursuing a full time university course.
  • 3.3 Applicants must demonstrate outstanding ability in their chosen sport and demonstrate an ability to compete at National or International level (inter county level for GAA Applicants).
  • 3.4 The sport has to be recognised by the Irish Sports Council.

4. Adjudication Process

  • 4.1 For Core Sports (GAA, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey and Rowing), applications shall be sent by the DSPA to the Development Officer of the relevant sport (“the relevant Assessor”)
  • 4.2 For Non-Core Sports, applications shall be sent by the DSPA to the Head Coach for the relevant sport or, if there is no Head Coach, will be assessed by the Deputy Director of Sport & Physical Activity (“the relevant assessor”)
  • 4.3 The relevant Assessor shall recommend to the Director of Sport and Physical Activity (“DS”) a shortlist (“the shortlist”) in each sport for approval by the DS based on the calibre of the Applications in that sport.
  • 4.4 The DS shall consider the recommended shortlist and, in consultation with the relevant Assessor, either approve the recommended shortlist or vary it as he/she sees fit.
  • 4.5 Once a final shortlist is approved by the DS, the Assessor shall, in consultation with such other coaches or alumni associated with relevant sporting clubs as he/she sees fit, make a recommendation to the DS for the award of scholarships (if any) (“the award list”) in each sport. The Assessor may, in his/her absolute discretion, interview any Applicant and/or direct the holding of trials.
  • 4.6 The DS shall either approve the award list or vary it as he/she sees fit. For non-Core sports, where there is no Head Coach, the DS may, if he/she sees fit, appoint a person (other than a person contemplated in 4.5) who is recognised as having, or having had, a standing in the relevant sport to advise him/her in relation to the award list.
  • 4.7 All Applicants shall be notified of the outcome of their application as soon as practicable after the finalisation of the award list.

5 Conditions of Acceptance of a Scholarship

  • 5.1 All awardees of a scholarship shall sign a sports scholarship contract. Copies of the contract are available from the DSPA.
  • 5.2 All awardees of a scholarship shall complete, within 30 days of the award of a scholarship, an “Aims and Objectives” form.
  • 5.3 Sports scholarships are valid for one year only and must be reapplied for on an annual basis.
  • 5.4 All awardees of a scholarship shall maintain satisfactory academic and sporting progress throughout the duration of the scholarship.
  • Awardees must successfully pass their academic year to be eligible to apply/reapply for the following year. (Academic progression)
  • Awardees who successfully pass their academic year but change course choice are eligible to reapply for the following year.
  • 5.5 All awardees must be fit to participate in their chosen sport by 30th September of the year of the awarding of a scholarship or by a date assigned by the Director of Sport & Physical Activity and the club in question.
  • 5.6 All awardees must undergo fitness tests by the university exercise physiologist during the tenure of the scholarship. Failure to complete/pass either test will result in the forfeiture/reclaim of some/all of the Award
  • 5.7 All new awardees must undertake a Cardiac Screening Examination in the first term unless they have completed such an examination in the previous two years. Failure to undertake this test will result in the forfeiture/reclaim of some/all of the Award
  • 5.8 All awardees of a scholarship must display at all times an appropriate standard of conduct and sportsmanship. Awardees shall never engage in any activity which may potentially bring the College into disrepute.
  • 5.9 Participation in Intervarsities, where eligible, is compulsory in the scholarship year.


  • All awardees of sports scholarships shall commit themselves to the relevant sport club at the university and participate in all competitions as required.
  • 6.1 The decision of the DSPA and the Sports Scholarship Committee shall, both in respect of the shortlist and the award list, be final and conclusive