RoverFocus 2016!

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So this year we decided to send our Committee to their first National Rover Event.




For those of you who do not know what Rover Focus is, it is a National Scouting Ireland Event meant to connect Rover Scouts from all over the country. They have fun activities, a big night out, get involved in the national forum and make important decisions about what will be Rover’s Focus for the next year.

Because we’re a Club, Rovers has had to work for it’s place within Scouting Ireland. So this year’s Rover Focus was hugely important as Clubs and Societies of Rovers across Ireland met and had their first AGM since becoming recognised by Scouting Ireland. (Meaning that this great trip is going to become a regular thing!) Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you too much with Scout Politics.

So over the weekend we got to do everything! The First day We were given a choice of two activities out of Climbing, Orienteering, Yoga, Juggling and Fencing. On top of this we also got to sit in on Workshops which apparently means arts and crafts and Pop-Up-Tent-Putting-Away! (more difficult than it sounds, trust me!)

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I, personally, am new to Scouting, which is probably similar to many of you who are possibly out of touch, from somewhere else or new as well. So going on this trip was intimidating. Trusting myself to a weekend away on someone else’s schedule, in a sea of faces I didn’t recognize. However the friendliness, kindness and inclusion all these people offered me was a huge help and really made the weekend. On top of this it turns out very few people knew each other already! We were all in the same boat and it was really nice to know I wasn’t alone.

While it wasn’t all just fun and games, I was really surprised how amazing the whole trip was. Getting involved on a national level was a huge experience and I would recommend this trip to all new Rovers, all new Scouts and well most of the old ones know how fun these things are anyway!

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Hope everyone considers coming next year!

Rover and Out,

Your P.R.O.: Alison 😀