Rebel Shield 2018 Round 1: Review

A young Bombers side played the Leeside Lions last Friday, November 17th 2017. The Bombers were aiming to continue their winning streak of four rebel shield games unbeaten, however an older, experienced Lions side put an end this. The Lions squad was bolstered with players CIT Saints side For the majority of the Bombers squad it was their first game, their play was commendable against the Two-in-a-row Premiership Champions.

The Lions started off the game with a roar, keeping the bombers scoreless for the first quarter. The Bombers grew into the game and got their first score in the second quarter. The Lions however kept on the hunt for points. There experience was showing throughout the first half.

At halftime the Bombers recuperated, discussed what was happening and how to fix it. Experienced players stepped up to their mark.

After half time the Bombers were keen to get on the ball. While they did not have the experience of the Lions, their youthfulness showed. They saw chances and took them. There defence, midfield and attack were working hard but their execution and link play was not reaping the promised rewards. Come full time, the Lions were roaring, the Bombers could only hold them off as best they could.

Lots of talent was shown throughout the match, it is important to remember that for many players it was their first game. The players definitely staked their claims to jerseys and positions. A lot was put to them by the Lions and they responded well against a strong team. A lot of questions will be asked of this squad. When the second round comes, when they have more experience, more skills, the Bombers will show up!


1st Quarter: Bombers 0:0 (0) to 1:5 (11) Lions

2nd Quarter: Bombers 1:2 (8) to 3:0 (18) Lions

Half Time: Bombers 1:2 (8) to 4:5 (29)

3rd Quarter: Bombers 1:2 (8) to 3:1 (19) Lions

4th Quarter: Bombers 2:0 (12) to 4:3 (27) Lions

Final Score: Bombers 4:4 (28) to 11:9 (75) Lions

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The Bombers Squad.

The Bombers with the Lions and CIT Saints squad