Podium filled January

For the past few weeks club captain Luke Courtney has being giving cyclocross in Munster a go, here is his account:

It started on the 3rd of January, still in the festive slump. Revolution Cycling Club hosted their race in Blackwater Castle in Castletownroche Cork. This was my first ever time racing cyclocross. I was nervous on how I would perform especially after the festive session. I raced in the B category as I was using my mountain bike (only cyclocross bikes are allowed in the A category) I pushed hard from the start and maintained a gap. I was delighted to take the win over two minutes on 2nd place. Not bad for a first attempt, even got a yellow jersey.

Blackwater B-race win

The 17th was the Munster Championship held in Killarney hosted by by the Killarney Cycling Club. The course used was technical for a cyclocross race which suited me well. I again entered the B-race. I was pushed till the end by a local junior, but was delighted to take the win here. I was two for two at this point.


The final race of the season was held yesterday (24th) in East Cork Adventure Centre in Upper Aghada, Midleton. Hosted by De Ronde Von Cork Cycling Club. I was lucky to get a loan of a proper cyclocross bike for the race off a friend. I lined up in the A-race this time and was feeling nervous about the step up. Both races where combined, which worked in our favor as the course was in better condition. The track was a more traditional layout to the other weeks with a big off-camber field, steep running sections and of course lots of slippy mud to make your way through. I lead for the first lap but was passed on the long run entering the second lap. This is where I stayed till the end. I was over the moon to get a 2nd place in my first A-race. I had lost a lot of time on the running sections as they drained any energy I had in me every lap.


Overall I was very happy with my introduction to cyclocross over the last four weeks. I was glad to have UCC on the podium already so early in the year. There will be more.  (Photos courtesy of Sean Rowe and Cieran Maunsell)