UCC Soccer Scholarship Criteria

  1. International/Provincial representation at Pre-Entry Stage
  2. Players that were involved in a League of Ireland club or returned to Ireland from a professional team abroad.
  3. Players that excelled at their local club level.
  4. League representative honours
  5. Succession Planning (addressing current and future positional needs, mindful of the turnover in players)
  6. Addressing Depth of Key Specialized Positions (i.e. Goalkeepers)
  7. (Post-Entry) Recognition of Outstanding Impact, Progression and leadership.


Criteria for Awarding of Scholarships

  1. Re-Awards : Demonstrated progression within UCC Senior team, Compliance with scholarship programme, and Impact on soccer programme
  2. Re-Awards: Addressing International Panel Members
  3. Re-Awards: Addressing Interprovincial Panel Members
  4. Re-Awards/New Awards: Top Level current starting Senior Players who may not have played representative
  5. New Awards: Admission to University College Cork
  1. New Awards: Top-Level of incoming fresher with representative honours (Irish Schools, Full Irish Team, Starting Player, League representation, Emerging Talent Program players )
  2. New Awards: Irish Schools fringe player / Interprovincial Schools player



Interviews/Meetings: (post-application) Scholarship or Player development program candidates meet with UCC Soccer Development Officer and UCC Soccer Club Representatives.


References:  Follow-up by UCC Soccer Development Officer.


Note:     Consideration to Criteria for Awarding of Scholarships begins with UCC Senior team initially, and follows on through the prioritised criteria set forth above.


UCC Soccer Scholarship Programme 2020/2021

The applications  for the 20.21 programme are now closed