Sharpen Our Edge


We have developed our performance strategy: Sharpen our Edge – with the aim of being a centre of excellence and innovation for participating in, performing, excelling, teaching and learning sport and physical activity.  Our priorities are:

  • Define and implement our performance strategy for success at club, individual and elite levels
  • Define our Athlete Development Programme.
  • Define a Coaching Performance Charter to ensure we are consistently monitoring the performance and progress of our coaching team.
  • Maintain our Emerging Talent Programme in line with and feeding in to our Performance Strategy.
  • Lead the way in research, performance and Innovation in the areas of sports medicine and physiotherapy, sports physiology, sports science, technology and other related areas.
  • Establish Student-Athlete Academic Liaison Programme to enable and support student-athletes to perform to their academic and sporting potential, learning from the success of the Quercus Talented Students’ Programme.

Dr Jeff Gomez (  has been appointed as our new Performance Manager.