Most decorated university Judo club in Ireland

It’s safe to say that UCC is the most decorated university Judo club in Ireland. In the past year, the club has competed in many national and international events, collectively gathering over 70 medals – an impressive feat.

Judo is one of the most popular forms of martial arts in the world and although it has not taken much hold in Ireland yet, popularity is growing with clubs popping up all over the county catering for all ages. In terms of competitors, Judo is one of the largest Olympic sports, with millions of judoka worldwide. Unlike most martial arts which involve kicking and punching, judo is mostly throwing and grappling. The main objective of the sport is to use your opponent’s weight against them to throw them on their backs – maximum effect with minimum effort. There’s both standing fighting and groundwork fighting, both of which are great ways of defending oneself. Recently, the club joined up with other university martial arts clubs to put on self-defence classes to teach students basic judo skills for Mental wellbeing week.

In UCC, students take up the sport for a number of reasons; to get fit and maintain that fitness; to learn how to fight and defend themselves; to help feel more confident; but most importantly to get a break from study. The club caters for all levels of judo, from the complete beginner to the more highly advanced. The club holds a great reputation throughout the judo community in Ireland, and internationally. UCC have been lucky in recent years to have some very experienced Erasmus students, including Alexis Rosa Moya, ranked second in judo in all of Spain, senior level and who regularly competes internationally. During his time in UCC, Alexis assisted in coaching and his experience proved invaluable to the club and their medal success last year. Alexis’ Testimony and that of other Erasmus students can be found on the clubs website,

Though the clubs’ success continues to grow with time there is never any pressure on students to participate in events or competitions, and social members and volunteers are integral to the clubs success and continued growth. Competitive judoka are now preparing for the sports intervarsities in University Ulster Coleraine in February where they’re hoping to again to bring home the most medals.