Lillias Healy

Position: Health, Safety and Welfare Officer

Groups: Clubs Executive 2019-20,


Hi everyone,

My name is Lillias Healy and I am taking over from Martina as health, safety and welfare officer. I am a final year microbiology student with previous experience as OCM and Captain for the Fencing Club. (Fencing is the best sport in UCC, in my totally biased option)

I am looking forward to getting to know the different clubs in UCC and helping them progress into the new year. 

I have a background in a few other sports beside fencing, includes: Taekwon-do, swimming, kayaking as well as a variety of field sports. I love trying new things and UCC Sport has provided a fantastic selection that lead me to Captaining the club, Women’s Sabre Varsity team and the Irish Women’s Sabre Team. It has really helped me develop as a person so I couldn’t recommend sports involvement more. 

I am looking forward to helping clubs out and my email is always open for a chat. Good luck with the coming year.