Daniel Moloney

Position: President

Groups: Clubs Executive 2019-20,


Hello all,

My name is Daniel Moloney and I am the Club Executive president for the coming year. I came through UCC in the school of BEES doing a BSc in Zoology and I’ve been involved in clubs for my four years. I started out as a first year rep for the Rover Scouts Club and ended up captaining Rovers for a year and a half. I’ve also been a member of the Archery Club since day one and was captain of it in my final year. I think my favourite things about both of these clubs is the satisfying thud of an arrow hitting your mark or the smell of smoke in your hair the morning after a campfire. On the flipside of that though is the disappointed feeling when your marshmallow goes into the fire instead of your mouth…

Truly though, I am very honoured and delighted to be your president and I can’t wait for the year that’s ahead of us. If you have any issues/problems/interesting ideas or just want to have a chat, my door is always open or you can always reach me through email. Allons-Y!