Local derby finished with a UCC win.

The last league game scheduled before Christmas ended in a solid win for UCC Women’s rugby. With CIT kicking off the match, the ball landed straight into the hands of Sarah O’ Donovan. Within minutes, Ciara O’ Dwyer was over the line. The dancing feet of Laura Sheehan also allowed her storm through their back line and take off towards the try line not long after. The first of many scored by Sheehan. CIT struggled to get the ball out to the back line from the pressure the homeside was putting on them. With intelligent steals made by Ciara O Dwyer, UCC were given many opportunities to break CIT’s defence line. The powerful legs of Hannah O Sullivan was a huge influence to the intensity of the play. The first half saw more tries scored by Laura Sheehan and Cliona O Shaughnessy.

The second half saw CIT come out stronger with bigger hits and a more fluid movement of the ball, but that didn’t stop the UCC girls from crossing that white line. With strong carries from Becky O Sullivan and Kelly Brady, the play opened wider across the pitch. The ball was passed out to Ciara Scanlan and not one CIT girl could take her down, she crossed the whitewash with ease. With a few scattered plays by UCC, things started to get slightly messy with regards knock-ons. With the number of scrums that took place, it’s a wonder each pack are still standing after the match. Áine Fitzgerald, a key winger, made fantastic breaks up the line on numerous occasions gaining so much ground to put UCC in a good position. Three more tries were scored by Ciara O Dwyer, Becky O Sullivan and another from Laura Sheehan. Only one conversion converted throughout the game, A final score of 42-0.

1. Orla Rea 2. Becky o Sullivan 3. Kelly Brady 4. Hannah o Sullivan 5. Sarah o Donovan 6. Ciara o Dwyer 7. Hannah Lane 8. Dinah O’ Mahony 9. Laura Delaney 10. Mairead Ní Chathasiagh 11. Cliona o Shaughnessy 12. Ciara Scanlan 13. Sinead Ahern-Ford 14. Rebecca Crowley 15. Laura Sheehan


Tries: Laura Sheehan (4), Ciara O Dwyer (1), Becky O Sullivan (1), Cliona O Shaughnessy (1), Ciara Scanlan (1)

Conversion: Laura Delaney (1)


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