Ladies Indoor IVs 2017

We’re incredibly proud of all our girls who competed last weekend at Ladies Indoor Intervarsities!

We sent 3 teams to the tournament, more than any other college – a testament to the success of women’s Ultimate in UCC!



Final placing: RUNNERS-UP

MVP: Bríonagh Healy
MSP: Aisling O’Sullivan
MVP of the Final: Bríonagh Healy

The first team experienced a major change in line-up following the graduation of more than half the experienced girls. With the addition of a few new talents, the team has had to find their footing again and they did exactly that at this tournament, powering their way into UCC 6th Indoors final in a row! Despite the unfortunate loss in the final, the girls have a lot to be proud about and they’re all fired up for Outdoors!

A few words from the Captain, Kate Crowley:

“The team seemed to gel from game one. We made a great transition from trainings on Wednesdays to a competitive environment such as Indoors. The positive energy was constant throughout the day, I think everyone had a moment in which they were like “ah should have caught that or shouldn’t have thrown that” but we kept each other in check, looked at the positives and just focused on the next point. Meghan’s cutting was so quick and nimble and she had some great scores. Emer’s handling was the best we’d seen out of her yet, playing very smart and had some great scoobers to the end zone. Bríonagh was incredible, you could throw anything to her and she would catch it. Her grabs were outstanding and she was a force to be reckoned with in the air. Anna’s cutting in the end zone was great, she never stopped going but knew exactly when to clear out which made the handlers’ jobs so much easier. Louise transitioned between cutting and handling really well which was a great asset to the team, she had some lovely overheads and she had some fab grabs in the end zone. Yen was incredible, her throws were so direct that you could draw a straight line from her release to the target. Aisling played some of the best Ultimate I’ve seen her play, she was so intelligent with her throws, she knew exactly when to look dump and had some incredible catches.

In the tougher games we demonstrated pure grit and determination and I thought that was special. We presented ourselves to the college scene as a force to be reckoned with and although we lost a load of players last year, I think it’s the start of something really special for the club.”


UCC 1 v MU 13-2
UCC 1 v UCD 2 13-1
UCC 1 v UCC 2 12-3
UCC 1 v NUIG 11-9
UCC 1 v TCD 1 9-11


Final placing: 8th

MVP: Siún Ní Mhuimhneacháin
MSP: Anna Farrell


UCC 2 consisted of last year’s beginners (now all grown up!) plus a few of this year’s beginners. The team did very well considering their relative lack of experience, finishing in 8th place as the highest seeded second team!

A few words from the Captain, Anna Farrell:

“We were really proud of how the team got on over the weekend, as it was our first time ever all playing together but we mixed really well and everyone brought something different to the team. We got off to a really good start beating TCD2, meaning we got to play UCC1 in the quarter final! It was hard to keep the energy up as the day went on but we all played our hardest and it was really fun to finally put everything we had learned in training to practice against other teams. All those 7am trainings had paid off, and we can’t wait to do it all again at Mixed next weekend!”


UCC 2 v TCD 2 6-4
UCC 2 v UL 1 1-13
UCC 2 v UCC 1 3-12
UCC 2 v DCU 2-9
UCC 2 v MU 3-8


Final placing: 11th

MVP: Maeve O’Gorman
MSP: Ellen Murphy

UCC 3 was the only 3rd team in the tournament, they were captained by and consisted entirely of beginners. They played so well, even managing to pull off a win against UL 2 – it’s hard to imagine that only 2 months ago they had no idea what a stack was! We can’t wait to see what these beginners have in store for us, the future of UCC Ultimate is looking bright!

A few words from the Captain, Brenna Oates:

“I’m really pleased with how well we got on as a team and how much we improved as the day went on. The fact that we went from not scoring any points to winning a match 9-6 by the end of the day is so impressive. We really took everything we experienced, learned, and were told to heart and we managed to implement everything almost immediately. I also think it’s a fabulous sign that we struggled to vote for MSP, MVP, and A-Game, because it shows how everyone really put in equal effort over the course of the day.”


UCC 3 v TCD 1 0-13
UCC 3 v DCU 1-13
UCC 3 v TCD 2 1-13
UCC 3 v UCD 2 5-6
UCC 3 v UL 2 9-6


All in all, fantastic day! Watch the highlight video here: