Keep Up Your Mental Health (16/11/17)


On November 16th 2017, UCC Futsal hosted our first on-campus event. The event was a keepy-uppy competition open to all passing students outside Boole Library and was in support of the mental health charity Aware, as part of UCCSU’s Mental Health Week. It was also to promote our club on campus and to let people know about UCC Futsal.


Three of our club members were on campus bright and early to set up the UCC Sport gazebo and the stand was ready to go for 10am, the perfect time to draw in students leaving their first lecture and brighten up their day. After a bit of a slow start, we started to draw in a bit of a crowd as students saw more and more people taking part. Soon, there were groups of people waiting in line to take part and to best their friends. Counting scores became more of an effort as more experienced players arrived to take on the challenge, and started getting 200 keepy-uppies and above, and eventually our scoresheet was filled with dozens of people who has scored in the hundreds. Several members of the Students’ Union also came down to the library on the day to take part and join in on the fun.


During the weeks before the competition, our committee had gathered several prizes for the day; a Nando’s voucher, a Manchester United jersey, a Bunsen onesie, an Umbro backpack, and a college hoodie from the Visitor Centre. Each of the five winners thoroughly deserved their prizes, with the winner Leon Collins Nagle scoring an incredible 515, and taking home the Umbro backpack for his efforts.


A massive thank you to all the places that provided us with a prize, and to Red Bull Ireland for providing us with so many cans of Red Bull for our event.