Karate – UCC gears up for two weeks of courses and competitions.

UCC Kara420951_3232038642507_769705855_nte Club is hosting the WTKO Munster Open Championships on November 21st, in UCC’s Mardyke Arena.

Organised in collaboration with a local Cork Club – the Karate Dojo (aka WTKO Cork), this event is shaping up to be the largest competition UCCKC has hosted in over ten years, with registrations pouring in from across the country. Capitalising on last years affiliation to the World Traditional Karate Organisation (WTKO), and our close links built with WTKO-Cork, UCCKC are delighted to have Angelo Sanna Sensei, Chief Referee of the WTKO, on board as chief referee for the day. Angelo Sensei brings with him over 20 years experience in refereeing regional and international competitions, and it is a truely exciting development for the club to have him lead on the day. Further details can be found here.

In addition to a regional competition run to international standards, UCCKC is also hosting Irelands WTKO Chief Instructor Scott Langley Sensei, whose teachings on body connection and the biophysical underpinnings of karate are not to be missed. This course will be held in UCCs MArdyke Pavilion from 11-3pm on November 15th. Further details can be found here.

All in all, a fairly manic, but exciting two weeks lie ahead for the club committee, and club competitors.

No doubt, a well deserved chillax will be in order on the evening of the 21st!!!