Intervarsity at GMIT 21st February 2015

I know this may sound kind of like a form of self-appraisal but in this case, it is well deserved! UCC Karate Club are just after a very successful intervarsity in Dublin and only three weeks later go on to outdo themselves at the All-Ireland Karate Intervarsities which were held this past weekend in GMIT.
The competitions were very well organized this year as everything ran smoothly. Competition was fierce this year with more faces than I have ever seen at a karate competition! But what fun would it be without a bit of a challenge? 🙂
Our competitors fared well, even against the outnumbering odds! We went through round after round of kata and kumite and came out with a few medals in the process! However, as usual, the team events seemed to be our strength as that is where we did the best with UCC teams and even some where UCC competitors formed teams with karateka from other universities! 🙂
I believe that everyone had a fun day at the weekend and nobody was injured due to the strong emphasis on safety and light contact! That night we went out with the students from most of the colleges that attended just to show that there wasn’t any hard feelings! 🙂
As always don’t be afraid to get in contact as we always welcome new members whether you’re a complete beginner or a grizzled veteran! You can contact us at or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as! 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you! Osu!