International Students Sports Day

UCC welcomes over 1,000 international students each year. UCC Sport in collaboration with UCC International Students Society and the International Students Office arranged a sports day for students starting this term. The day was a great success with hundreds flocking to the Mardyke Arena for the day.  Students were invited to try ten different sports from trampoline to table tennis but it was Olympic handball which stole the show with nearly fifty students training with the team in the evening. The mountaineering club were also delighted to see a large number of experienced rock climbers trying out the climbing wall at the Mardyke Arena. Ultimate Frisbee have always seen great numbers at all their events and this one was no different. At the opposite end of the hall students were queuing up for a chance to try table tennis before heading upstairs to try their hand at a hip-hop dance class or even at squash. Meanwhile, back in the main hall, the trampoline club helped students jumpstart their UCC experience.


It’s not unusual for clubs to sign up a visiting student with years of experience that through their own training and background can lift a club in spirit and success, the effects of which remain to be seen after that student returns home. Visiting students can also make up a large portion of some clubs, particularly the martial arts disciplines and minority clubs that are more popular in Europe and the US.


The Judo club last year saw great success with the help of one student Alexis Rosa Moya. Alexis is ranked second in judo in all of Spain, senior level and regularly competes internationally. During his time in UCC Alexis could assist other club members during training, owing to the club bringing home a collective 27 medals over 4 competitions last year. The club plan on continuing their success this year in his absence.


Already this year, UCC Athletics have been approached by a visiting student Massimo Tozzi, a certified long jump and triple jump coach who has expressed interest in coaching the team. This comes just in time for the club as they were on the search for a new jump coach. The hockey team have also seen a large number of international students sign up this year following the women’s team successful summer at the world cup in London.


The value of international students to UCC sport has not gone unnoticed. International Students Sports Day gives visiting students a head start when joining clubs and everyone here at UCC sport is delighted to have them join us for the year ahead.