Active UCC

We are working to embrace a culture of wellness and participation in physical activity.  Our priorities are:

  • Design and launch #ActiveUCC to co-ordinate and promote physical activity through all our programmes
  • Promote and increase usage of services – programmes and activities at the Mardyke Arena
  • Co-ordinate physical activity and health enhancing initiatives with the aim of being Ireland’s first university green and active flags and most active campus.
  • Reward and recognise participation to demonstrate UCC’s belief in the value of health and wellbeing.
  • Develop and  luanch State of Mind Programme in connection with the 5 Ways To Wellbeing programme/State of Mind programme.
  • Highlight opportunities to be more active: Take the Stairs campaign   + Made2Move and   Walk and Talk campaign
  • In UCC there are 55 clubs participating in a diverse range of sports and activities. Sport is one of the best ways to enjoy exercise. Here is the list of all clubs:
  • Work with the extended community in Cork and the region – ie schools, Cork Sports Partnership, local agencies, sports groups, outdoor education and adventure sports sector to promote and develop sport and physical activity


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We are committed to promoting health in UCC among both students and staff. The Health Promotion Officer sits on the steering committee of the UCC Health Matters group and acts as liaison between outside groups and students.

Here we provide some useful information on the following topics:

Physical Activity

Take the Stairs Campaign

Ditch the Car Campaign

Walking Meetings

Healthy Eating

Quitting Smoking


The UCC Health Matters page is also an invaluable source of information. Please check it out at:

UCC Health Matters