Active Transport

Walk, Run, Jog, Cycle, Rollerblade… this is what we mean by active transport. It is the healthy alternative to taking the car to work/college. Cork is really not that big when it comes to travelling from place to place. Nowhere in the city is more than 40 minutes walk away from UCC which is also less than a 15 minute cycle. You may find this even faster than the bus; there’s no waiting and there’s no traffic.

Here is a map showing how far you can walk in 20 minutes starting from main campus*

20 mins walking

Here is the same map showing 10 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute distances*

10 20 30 mins walking

* Based on average walking speed (5km per hour)

Here is a map showing how far you can cycle in 5 minutes starting from main campus**

5 min bicycle

Here is a map showing how far you can cycle in 10 minutes starting from main campus**

10 min bicycle

** Based on average urban cycling speed (16km per hour)


There are plenty of bicycle parking spots on campus for students, staff and visitors to park their bikes.



If you don’t have a bicycle you can also Borrow a Bike for FREE from the Student Centre.


Make a change:

  • Walk more
  • Cycle more
  • Get off the Bus one stop early and walk to your final destination