Good Start for the Year


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At eight-thirty on the evening of the fourteenth of September, UCC Judo club welcomed its new members with both eager smiles and muttered jokes of ‘fresh meat’. Although the official plan of action was to cover the basics with the newbies, such as learning how to break fall and taking grips, the excitement of many members, both junior and senior, was infectious enough to lift much of the nervous tension. Within the span of a few minutes, first -time judoka were sliding in and out of position with, if not grace, a certain confidence that belied their inexperience on the mats. Under the amiable tutelage of the senior belts, the foundations of judo were introduced to the club’s first-timers without any trace of arrogance, but with an understanding and empathy that stemmed from the knowledge that all who step out onto the mats are equal, and deserve the opportunity to learn. However, if one were to hone in on the most characteristic aspect of the night, the sheer enjoyment of doing judo would be prominent. The dojo sang with frequent outbursts of laughter, and there was not a face in the hall that at one point did not either sport a goofy grin or an excited spark of pleasure. With a growing reputation for both fun loving respect and serious martial prowess, UCC Judo looks towards the upcoming academic year with an excited eye towards future competitions and its new blood that will help cement the club’s status as the best thing that you could throw yourself into.