First Trampolining Competition of ’15/’16 Approaches

This Saturday the 17th of October, more than 24 members of the Trampoline club will travel to UL to compete in the Munster Open, a competition where participants can compete at levels ranging from novice to elite. The competition will run all day, with competitors being marked on their form and fluency through their routines. They will perform their routine twice and a score will be averaged from there.
We’d like to wish all of our competitors the best of luck in the even which marks the start of the Trampolining year. UCC has a history of success in this competition so let’s keep it up!


We now have an extra training session every week, from 10 until 12 in the Mardyke every Saturday. This session is dependent on having the requisite numbers of committee members and coaches, so be sure to keep an eye on the club’s Facebook group for more up to date weekly information on whether Saturday training will take place.
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