First Fresher Session and Information night

The first Fresher training session of the year will take place this coming friday at 2pm. We Will be meeting at our containers just inside the drive in entrance of the mardyke before heading out on the river Lee. If you are unsure where they are be sure to have a look at the picture and follow the roads from UCC down until you reach the star.

We will have all the gear you need to get started so all you need to bring with you are swimming togs and an old pair of shoes. We would strongly recommend you bring your own wetsuit if you have one but we will have a few available for use.

We will also be hosting an information night in western gateway building room g14 at 7.30pm if you want to come along and find out more about our club and what we have planned for the year. We will be heading for a social afterwards.

Be sure to click going on the eventĀ here!

We look forward to meeting you all this week!