First Fresher Canoe Sessions

Our First Fresher Sessions of the year will take place this week. (YAY WOHOO etc etc) Our first pool session will take place from 10.30pm to 11.30 pm in the Mardyke Arena swimming pool. We will be meeting from around 10.15pm onwards in the reception area before heading in. Our First Fresher River Session of the year will take place this Friday also. We will meet at the sheds at the drive-in entrance to the Mardyke Arena at approx. 2pm before getting on the water.

For our Wednesday pool session you will need Swimming togs, a towel and a swimming hat.

For the Friday River session you will need Swimming togs and a pair of old shoes. You can use the changing rooms in the Pavillion to change before and afterwards.

All of the other gear you will need is provided by us free of charge.

We will also be heading upstairs for tea and biscuits in the pavilion to warm up after the river and have the chats.

If you cannot make either of these sessions but would still like to be involved please drop us an email at