Fantastic gains for UCC at the Open Martial Arts Intervarsity 2018

UCC’s TaeKwon Do, Kickboxing, and Karate Clubs performed magnificently at the 2018 All-Ireland Open Martial Arts Intervarsities last weekend, recording an impressive haul of podium positions over the course of the day.

The event, hosted by a collaboration of UCC’s TaeKwon-Do, Karate, and Kickboxing clubs included events such as mixed kata/patterns, individual point sparring, individual continuous sparring, and team sparring events. To wrap off the day, the individual destruction event demonstrated just how much force students bodies could apply through focused application of their training, and was certainly one to see.

It was held in UCC’s Mardyke Sports Arena last Saturday 27th January 2018, with next year’s event being hosted by University of Limerick.

For UCC karate club, as well as logging up a number of successes, the event proved a core part of our preparations for the Karate Intervarsities we are hosting on March 10th. “Sparring requires you to be flexible and adaptable, as your opponents can through something entirely left-field at you and you have to be able to respond” noted Monisha Chakravarty (UCCKC’s Club Captain), “There is no better way of preparing for this than competing against different styles, and forcing yourself out of your comfort zone“. UCCKC certainly looks forward to taking our lessons learned at the 2018 OMA intervarsity into the All-Ireland karate intervarsities in March.

The full listing of podium placements by the three UCC clubs participating is as follows:

UCC Karate Club Successes at the 2018 OMA Intervarsities

  • Jennifer Halpin – Silver Beginner kata/patterns, Bronze beginners continuous sparring, Bronze beginners point sparring
  • Anna – Bronze beginners kata
  • Monisha Chakravarty – Silver Intermediate kata, Gold intermediate

UCC TaeKwon Do Club Successes at the 2018 OMA Intervarsities

  • Martin Vogelsang O’ Dwyer ((Male – Green Tip)- Gold Intermediate Patterns, Bronze Intermediate Point Sparring, Silver Continuous Sparring
  • Abdul Jilani (Male – Green Belt) – Silver Intermediate Patterns, Gold Destruction, Bronze Point Sparring
  • Emily Cremin (Female – Green Belt) – Gold Intermediate Patterns, Gold Continuous Sparring, Silver Point Sparring, Gold destruction
  • Anya Curran (Female – Black Belt) – Gold Point Sparring, Silver Continuous Sparring,
  • Emer Varley (Female – Black Belt) – Gold Continuous Sparring, Silver Point Sparring, Gold Team Sparring
  • Siobhán Ladden (Female – Black Belt) -Bronze Patterns, Bronze Continuous Sparring, Gold Team Sparring, Gold Destruction
  • Nicholas Hou (Male – Black Belt) – Gold Team Sparring

UCC Kickboxing Club Successes at the 2018 OMA Intervarsities

  • Fergal O’Connor – Gold for Advanced Patterns/Kata, Silver for Advanced Points Sparring (Large), Silver for Team Sparring
  • Alex O’Callaghan – Gold for Advanced Destruction, Gold for Advanced Point Sparring (Medium), Gold for Advanced Continuous Sparring, Silver for Team Sparring
  • Grzesiek Brycki – Gold for Advanced Point Sparring(Large), Bronze for Advanced Continuous Sparring
  • Benedict Kurfess – Golf for Beginner Point Sparring(Large), Silver for Beginner Continuous Sparring(Large)
  • Aisling Cadogan – Gold for Beginner Points Sparring, Bronze for Beginner Continuous
  • Ross McBride -Bronze for Point Sparring(Med), Silver for Team Sparring
  • Jane O’Connor – Gold for Advanced Continuous Sparring, Silver for Team Sparring