European Ultimate Championships Day Three

Thursday marked the start of the power pool stages and saw Ireland take on Great Britain in their first match of the day. This game was incredibly intense from start to finish with both teams determined to pull out a win following some unfortunate losses yesterday. The game started with Great Britain on offence and both teams then trading points for the first four scores. After this, GB managed to slowly break away by scoring three consecutive points. They took half with a score of eight points to five. GB then scored off half but Ireland answered back with another score making it 9-6 to GB with 25 minutes to go. Following a time out called by Ireland both teams battled it out for the last few points. However, despite Ireland’s best efforts it was GB who emerged as eventual winners with a score line of 14-9. Some highlights from the game can be found here:

In their next game Ireland faced The Netherlands, a team who had recently lost to GB by 17 points to three. Both of these teams were very evenly matched and it made for a very exciting game. Ireland started well by displaying some great zone defence but unfortunately the Netherlands managed to knock in two early points. The Ireland girls didn’t let this affect them and responded with three lovely points of their own. The game continued with both teams trading points right to the very end and at the final whistle it was Netherland ahead by just one point. The score was 14 points to 13, game to 15. After a long and hard fought point it was The Netherlands who came out victorious and the game finished with a score line of 15-13.